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Aloha 'Āina - Natural Resources

Goal:  To respect, enhance and perpetuate Hawaii's natural resources to ensure a high level of satisfaction for residents and visitors.

Aloha Aina (Natural Resources)

Hawai‘i's natural resources are among the most unique in the world. Their beauty unparalleled and one of the greatest assets to our way of life and our visitor industry. This HTA program provides funding through requests for proposals (RFP) to support organizations that manage, improve and protect Hawaii's natural environment and areas frequented by visitors. The program awards funds up to $100,000 to community based non-profits statewide. The programs were chosen by the HTA and its Natural Resources Advisory committee on criteria designed to address the goal and objectives identified in the 2016 HTA Strategic Plan

Download a complete list of Aloha Aina organizations that HTA supports through this program. [pdf]

For more information about this initiative, contact Kalani Kaanaana at (808) 973-2281 or via email 

Malama Hawaii 

In addition to helping community programs, the HTA provides support to the Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) to enhance their efforts in protecting Hawaii's environment from ma uka to ma kai (from the tops of our sacred mountains to the waters that give us life). Support provided included in room messaging, new outdoor interpretative signs in six languages including olelo Hawaii (Hawaiian language), as well as support to broadcast three documentaries on preserving our natural resources. 

The HTA also works closely with the Department of Land and Natural Resources to guide the expenditure of $3,000,000 in accordance with the 2016 HTA Strategic Plan. Funds primarily support the Division of State Parks and Na Ala Hele programs of the DLNR.

Natural Resources Videos
The following videos were produced to increase awareness to residents and visitors about the fragility Hawaii's natural environment and resources.  It is essential to educate the public about protecting our natural resources so that our islands continue to be a top choice to visit and to live. 




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